Undefeated « Nole »

Last sunday, Novak Djokovic won a back-to-back title in Miami, dismissing Andy Murray, in a one-way-traffic final: 6/1 7/6. Althought the scottish lifted his level of play in the second set, it was obvious that Novak would, once again prevail.

What is striking, is the easiness with which « Nole » managed to get through his matches without being at his best. He didn’t have to produce the kind of tennis he produced last year on bigger occasions: for instance, the French Open semi-final clash with Federer, or the US Open semi-final see-saw…still with Federer.

It seems like the 24-year-old Champion has entered another dimension. Last year, out of 70 matches, he only lost 6 of them. Since the beginning of the year, Djokovic has only lost twice out of 22 matches.

Federer and Nadal, his biggest rivals, who were literaly ruling the ATP Tour not long ago, can only witness the obvious domination of Novak, who, not long ago, was lagging behind them, trying to prove to the world that he could actually be number 1. A few years ago when he joked about him being one day the world number one, no one believed him. People thought that he was acting funny, few people actually believed that he could disturb the so-called « Nadal/Federer »-duo at the top.

But guess what, he did it, and now, his peers realize how hard it is to actually compete with him. He is on another planet. The planet that, once, Federer and Nadal were at their best.

The real question is:  » how long will it last? », Novak is not invincible but he is not going anywhere…the number one spot belongs to him…period.


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