They’re back!

The Williams sisters hit the news this week, as they are both expected to play at Eastbourne on June 13.

Serena has been off for one and a half year and Venus, for  almost six months. Misfortunes kept them away from courts for too long…injuries.

After winning Wimbledon last July, Serena walked on broken glass in a restaurant only to end up with a surgery and complications from it, with a lung embolia. Venus, on the other hand, injured herself in Melbourne at the Australian Open with a hip injury, forcing her to retire.

Several months later, they’re back, looking fresh and motivated enough to hit the grass to be ready for their favorite slam: Wimbledon, the one they won 9 times in the last decade ( 2000-2010).  Making them the most underrated players on grass in the history of tennis. Venus won 5 times, Serena 4; but what can we expect from them? Everything! Their bondness and confidence will certainly be an asset to surprise everyone and be back on top…the « ultimate » top they gave in unexpectedly to the hands of Caroline Wosniacki, who is not even close to what they achieved.

Easterboune will help them « warming up » for the big event. They’ve been forced to change their habits to be ready to play in London. Indeed, everyone knows that the Williams sisters usually don’t play any tournament prior to Wimbledon, but due to what they went through…they had to play matches to get back in the game.

I bet they don’t really care if neither of them win Eastbourne… but we can count on them to give everything they have to outwit competition one week before the Championships!


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