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Marketing in tennis today, linked forever?

Can we say that today marketing is entirely part of tennis?

Some may say that the question should not even be asked, others may weigh the pros and cons before answering the tricky question. What is for sure, is that nowadays, we are living in an era where the product is king, whatever the product is. Anything that can lead people to be interested in tennis, should be seriously considered. Those recent years, we have seen tennis players more than ever before, praising the benefits of famous brands such as Gillette, Nike, Reebok, Rolex, Air etc… and most recently, Maria Sharapova, who can be considered as the most powerful tennis player in terms of media exposure, prize money and endorsement contracts with fashionnable brands. Because what you have to know is that today, endorsement contracts are not just shoe and clothing deals for the player, it also includes advertising for products that are not necessarily linked with tennis. For this reason, you can see today, Maria Sharapova being the new spokesperson for Colgate. Even a 5-year old can see the link between a toothpaste brand and a famous female tennis player, right?

The reason is that tennis players have understood that to gain media exposure, they had to sell themselves through the products they are offering. Not only the products will attract people who identify the players ( because it shows that they are kind of knowledgeable on tennis), but also, it will boost the brand’s image and increase the players’ popularity.

The famous magazine « Forbes » revealed its ‘Celebrity 100′ list:  Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and Serena Williams, are the tennis athletes who are the most critically acclaimed this year. Which is mostly due to the important number of brands they are contracted with… let us not forget their astonishing sports achievements  for sure…

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